River Jetties– Trashed 12-18-08

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Whenever we get rain here our beaches get destroyed. Rode our bikes down here. Heart shattered. Why do people trash our beaches?


Blackies, Newport Beach 12/14/2008

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I woke to hear the windswell hitting the beach. Decided to ride my bike out and check it out. It looked like a lot of fun. The afternoon winds picked up. I got a few shots in, but got the urge to surf myself as well. Here are a few shots from that morning.

Blackies, Newport Beach Offshore Tuesday 12.09.08

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Need a say more? If you weren’t here, you should have been here.

Newport Beach Surf Photos: 56th Street 12/08/2008

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Awesome conditions yesterday. The wind picked up rather early in the morning. Headed down to 56th Street to see what was happening. It seemed like only the upper jetties were working yesterday. A couple kids got shacked yesterday. If you were there on that day, email me, and I’ll see if I can email you the photos.

30th Street Sunset Surf Session 11/27/2008

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Football Man Part 1

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Proposition 8 Protest In Santa Ana

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