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Austin Chu is vagabond based in Newport Beach, California. Relocated from the horrors of Irvine, California. To make ends meet, Austin works for a startup company LeverageCard.com, a website that manages gifts cards, loyalty programs, and offers and savings. He also works at Houston’s on Saturday nights. He also started a organization assesstherisk.org (underground for now), which was on .mac account that expired in August. He started a class action law suit against Abercrombie and Fitch, runs his car off of waste vegetable oil, can’t wait to see the world, and enjoys offshore breezes and fresh powder. I also blog for PandemicGreen.com and SavvyWallet.com


The Recess Ends




  • austin.chu@gmail.com
  • austin@leveragecard.com
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  1. Great Blog!!!

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