All The Different Ways of In-N-Out

Just leaving Innout and we decided to think about all the different ways to order.

1. Animal style: grilled onions, spread, pickles
2. Protein style: lettuce wrapped
3. Whole grilled onions: onions grilled whole. Not chopped
4. Flying Dutchman: two pieces of meat and cheese.
5. Animal style fries: grilled onions, spread, cheese
6. 3 by 3: three pattys. You can get more
7. Mustard available upon request.
8. Anything else?

My favorite? Cheeseburger. Both kinds of onions. Extra lettuce.


~ by therecessends on December 31, 2008.

2 Responses to “All The Different Ways of In-N-Out”

  1. Don’t forget “spicy”: with chopped chiles

  2. Ooh my fave is cheeseburger too! I get it with grilled onions – i didn’t even THINK about getting it with both types – I’ll have to try it next time, YUUUM!!! You’re making me hungry…

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