Breakfast Duo: Breakfast At Blackies


Saturday, December 27, 2008

For the last four Christmas’s, Jeff and Daniel have been flipping pancakes, grilling sausages, and pouring coffees for surfers and locals at Newport Beach’s local surf break, Blackies. 

The pancakes and sausages were a warm surprise to the cold winter morning surf. Locals and tourists gathered around the propane grill eating pancakes and catching up on holiday news and chit chat.  

This fourth annual “feed the surfers” breakfast at Blackies has no official name or title. However, the breakfast duo began feeding hungry surfers as a simple idea that grew from a conversation in a garage. They wanted to give back to the community, and this was their idea: make pancakes and feed hungry people.

“It’s fun and it’s for free,”  commented Daniel, co-founder of this annual breakfast. 

In their first year, they fed 50 people. This year, they expected to feed upwards of 200 hungry locals. They start pouring the pancake batter around 7 a.m. 

Tracy, a Newport Beach local, said, “These guys are classy surfer dudes that have a great approach to surf culture and surf culture.”

After my morning surf, I walked back up to Jeff and Daniel. They wrapped a sizzling sausage in a hot fluffy pancake, drizzled with maple syrup. 

That’s what I called getting barreled. 


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