Ride Your Bike To Work Or Die

A month ago, I wrote about how drivers have saved 10 billion miles from high gas prices and are finding new alternative modes of transportation. My commitment was to ride my bike to work at least twice a week before I took off for my vacation to Argentina.

Here are my statistics:

3 weeks ( 3 times each week ) = 9 times to work.
Cost of each round trip: $3.46
How much I saved from filling up each week: 9($3.46)=$31.41
How much I saved from filling up during the 3 weeks of riding my bike: $31.41(3 weeks)=$93.42
How many calories did I burn each round trip? 639.

I know, gas prices are dropping and $3.85 for a gallon of gas seems cheap for you now. Yet, there is a little part of you that would love to ride your beach cruiser to work and pretend that you’re going to the beach. Have excuses? I’ll shoot them down for you!

I don’t want to ride my bike to work because I’ll be breathing the fumes from the streets, therefore driving is safer.
Not necessarily true–READ THIS

Does biking to work really make a difference for my wallet and the environment?
It does! Check out drivepricing.com and read this

My company doesn’t support me riding my bike.
Maybe not your company, but some employers are stepping up to the plate. Google gave 2,000 bikes to their employees. New Belgium Brewing Co, workers received a bike after a year of working–not to mention all the Fat Tire amber ale their little hearts desired!  Seattle’s Vulcan gives cyclists money for a cab if they leave after sunset.

I don’t want to get hurt!
Biking is safer than you think, maybe safer than driving.

So there, those are the basic excuses.  Give it up.  Bike to work.  Let me know how you do!  Tell me your biking schedule and the most interesting comment will get something rad that’s bike related in the mail.

No old biking spandex. Promise.

Not everyone likes biking:


~ by therecessends on September 3, 2008.

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