Red Yeast Rice!! AHHHH!!!

Yeah, what is this? According to

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y.—Levels of cholesterol-lowering compounds vary widely in red yeast rice dietary supplements, according to a report released July 1 by According to the organization, it tested 10 red yeast rice supplements and found levels of the statin compounds varied by more than 100-fold; in addition,’s tests showed four products contained a potentially toxic contaminant, citrinin.

Red yeast rice is made by fermenting rice with Monascus purpureus, a species of yeast; it naturally contains compounds known as monacolins, including lovastatin, which is the active compound also seen in some pharmaceutical cholesterol-lowering medications. Published studies have shown daily supplementation with red yeast rice may lower total cholesterol and triglycerides. Recently, a study out of China found people with a previous heart attack who took red yeast rice could reduce recurrent heart attack as well as reduce cholesterol levels. purchased 10 red yeast rice dietary supplements sold in the United States and tested them for levels of monacolins, citrinin and lead. None of the products were found to contain lead. Four products—from Solaray, Natural Balance, VegLife and Walgreens—were found to contain citrinin, a mycotoxin with possible nephrotoxicity. Those four products also were found to have the lowest levels of monacolins; levels between 3.1 mg and 10.6 mg of monacolins per pill were reported for products from 21st Century, Cholestene, Chole-sterin, Healthy America, Nature’s Plus and Schiff.

Just be careful, and check the ingredients before you purchase an of those goods related to the companies listed.


~ by therecessends on July 1, 2008.

3 Responses to “Red Yeast Rice!! AHHHH!!!”

  1. [quote]
    Just be careful, and check the ingredients before you purchase an of those goods related to the companies listed.

    If the product contains something like lead, it’s probably not going to show up on the ingredients. The problem with dietary supplements is that you often do not know exactly what’s inside them (you’ll have to test for something to know whether or not there is a significant amount of it). It’s not like those that sell red yeast rice would purposely sell you red yeast rice contaminated with something like lead, cyanide, or citrinin. If those substances are in there, they probably got in there inadvertently. What the FDA needs to do is ensure that companies sufficiently test for such substances (ie: conduct one test for each batch of red yeast rice for instance. So for every, say, 100 units (or whatever amount of units are appropriate) of red yeast rice, they will remove one unit for testing) to ensure that if any product (prescription drug, over the counter drug, or dietary supplement. All products should be subject to the exact same scrutiny) contains contaminants like lead, the company will be sufficiently punished (ie: fined). Fines should be equal across the board, from prescription drugs to over the counter drugs to dietary supplements. No product should be treated with favoritism and no product should be discriminated against, be it an OTC drug, a prescription drug, or a dietary supplement. What the FDA should not do is ban Red Yeast Rice altogether just because some products contain contaminants. Just about any product has the potential of containing contaminants and the FDA should pursue the elimination of contaminants, not the supplement itself.

  2. (basically, if a company can’t sell red yeast rice without contaminants, then that particular company shouldn’t be selling red yeast rice. The FDA can sufficiently fine them until they either stop selling contaminated red yeast rice or until they stop selling red yeast rice altogether. But that’s not to say that red yeast rice should be banned altogether).


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