Tips on collecting waste vegetable oil

1. Ask before you collect. Some stores are cracking down on people stealing oil. They usually have a contract with a collection agency, and there is a certain amount they need to collect. If the amount is off by a lot, this is a red flag for restaurants illegally dumping waste oil. So, if you’re going to secretly take it, don’t take more than 4 gallons.

2. Avoid Mondays. Most collection companies, collect on Mondays. The best time is on the weekends, when more oil is used. Go in late saturday night, or early sunday morning.

3. Bring extra heavy duty gloves. Sometimes gloves rip or they melt in the sun

4. Bring a headlamp and extra batteries. Collecting oil in the dark is dangerous.

5. Towel to wipe down. Keep it clean, and your source will be kept clean

6. Avoid large chains. I.E. Burger King, KFC., etc

7. Go to Japanese and Italian places

8. Don’t take more than you need and don’t get greedy


~ by therecessends on June 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “Tips on collecting waste vegetable oil”

  1. Great info thanks. You should have an RSS feed so we can follow your great snaps.

  2. there’s small RSS feed on the lower right hand corner of the page. I’ll make a logo soon. thanks!

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