save the environment and get busted for it

About a month ago, I was driving the streets of Irvine and a IPD officer pulled me over because my car was emitting too much smoke. It’s true, the old diesels, emit a lot of smoke and smog. However, my car runs on vegetable oil, and I have a huge sticker that says so. He tried to give me a ticket to get my car smog checked or fixed. All in all, I got a ticket: for a flickering brake light. Come ON!

Yesterday, I was eating at Quick Corner for sandwiches, and I ran into a guy that collects it for his car. He runs a massive biodiesel refinery in his garage. He had a buddy that was making biodiesel, but was recently shut down because cops were responding to his neighbors, noticed the smell, and ordered a shutdown of his facility.

What is wrong here? We’re good people, reducing our carbon footprint, yet we have government officials hounding down on us because we’re not paying any street tax from petroleum based fuel purchase? Come on, give me a break!  It’s an outrage.


~ by therecessends on June 25, 2008.

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