The Godfather of Oily Mess

I was sitting at my friends kitchen in San Francisco and this painting caught my eye.

I was born in 1983. Reagan’s term lasted from 1981-1989. During his term as president he was adamant about finding oil to sustain our nations’ energy demand. In a 1986 NY Times article he ordered to continue the purchase of crude oil for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. He wanted to purchase the oil, when the prices were low.

Some would argue, he pushed our nation to search for oil and not depend on foreign sources. Some would blame him for the mess he has created. I read an article: What would Reagan Do About Energy? and it speculated what Reagan would have done if he was president today.

As for me? I’m not too certain about the facts, but I know one thing for certain. Domestic oil and/or Foreign oil people are still fighting wars and destroying societies, disrupting the peace, and killing our environment.


~ by therecessends on June 23, 2008.

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