How to filter waste vegetable oil on the fly

There are many techniques to finding and filtering oil. I have the luxury of driving a station wagon, so I can have my oil containers all in the back of my trunk. I have 5 for collecting waste oil, and I have 2 clean containers for filtering. Make sure you keep them separate!

1. Find an oil bin from a restaurant. Make sure you ask the owners. Avoid places that fry chickens and meat. Usually the oil contains a lot of fats, and that is something you want to avoid.

2. Carry 2 Bins to the oil container. There are two ways that I collect oil: 1) I use an old oil container and I cut off the top and I simply dip the container in, let it fill with oil. Then, I put the large funnel in a container that is used to collect oil, not the clean container with the filtered oil. I pour the waste oil, into the funnel, into the container. Repeat as necessary. 2) use a fuel pump from a local freight shop ( 40 bucks ) and manually pump the oil. I get about 1 gallon a minute. It takes longer, but it’s less of a mess, and gets the job done fairly quickly. For me to collect 4-5 containers, takes about 30 minutes, from beginning to end. Don’t forget to clean up.

3. Let the oil settle in my car for about 2 days. I filter as needed. In order to do so, you need to have oil already in your tank, and waste veggie oil settling and waiting to be filtered. You must let it settle at least 24 hours.

4. When you need oil, use a sock filter, put it on the funnel, and pour the waste vegetable oil in the clean container. This take about 5-10 minutes per container. Use a plastic lid, cardboard box, to protect the ground.

5. Use the same funnel, and jam it into your gas tank, and pour the oil in. You’re now ready to go. 1 container is enough for me to go to Newport Beach, CA to Santa Monica, CA. It’s about 100 miles round trip. I get around 25 mpg.


~ by therecessends on June 19, 2008.

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