Middle Finger For Breakfast

I wrote about this on another blog at pandemicgreen.com. However, this was the most interesting thing that happened me today. (I’m writing as I’m watching Raiders of the Lost Ark, after a depressing game seeing the Lakers lose to the Celtics. I’m still crying thinking about.) 

As I was driving down the 405 from Los Angeles today, a crazy old man, in a newer benz, drove up next to me and flipped me off. I can only think of two reasons why.

1) My car was creating too much smoke that smells like french fries

2) The fact that he’s paying 4.50 a gallon for gas, and I’m not. 


~ by therecessends on June 13, 2008.

2 Responses to “Middle Finger For Breakfast”

  1. I’m voting that he’s just pissed off from smoking on too many fossil fuels. Congrats on leading your life in the way of the future, today. James & I over at DINKs Finance don’t have a car, unless you count my car, guard, and driver in Kabul, but plan to go the fuel efficient route should we eventually end up with a car one of these years. For now we are happy not to have headed to the pump in ages!



  2. I think what he really meant to do is to give himself the finger for being such fossil fuel sucka.

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